Tamyra Powell      
Professional Fiction Editor         
Writer of Historical Romance

Member of Editorial Freelance Association (EFA)
Member of Romance Writers of America (RWA


ey there beautiful you, 

I'm Tammy.

I'm so glad you're here because it means you're as excited about telling stories and changing the world with words as I am. 


I'm a writer, editor, coffee enthusiast, and a deep, over-thinker.  As a life-long  journaler,  planner-obsessed  lover of books and reader of romance, I've been telling stories since I could write.  

And in my trips around the sun, I've learned a thing or two about the craft of writing, editing a manuscript. and how the structure of story works.


This blog is a place to share all things writerly and some things that aren't, because writing and life are intertwined. It is a place to get motivated, inspired or tap in to some creative cheerleading.


My mission for Where Women Write is to create a place where you feel welcome and can learn or refine your writing skills by sharing what I know with you or editing your work.  I want to help you make your story the best it can be.  I love helping writers put the polish on their stories.

The world is waiting for you. 

The world is ready for your story.

The world needs your story.


I cant wait to meet you and travel this road together. 

You belong here. 




 The Content Edit

This type of edit is where I would look at your plot, characterization, scene crafting, POV’s, and all the other elements of your fictional story. You'll receive a set of notes to guide you as you get to work on your revisions. 


The Line Edit

This type of edit is where word, sentence and paragraph changes are suggested. I look for discrepancies, ask questions about things that don’t make sense, highlight inconsistencies or POV breaks, and look for anything that needs a bit of polish. 

The Copy Edit 

The most detailed edit of a manuscript, the copy edit focuses on typos, spelling, punctuation, fact checking, and word use. 










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Kind words 

"I feel like such a fraud critiquing your work when you could obviously teach the class on character motivation.... Just let me know when you sell and I'll be the first in line to buy your book."


Christina Dodd

New York Times Bestselling Author